Victor Ciangura:

This game was watched by a very large crowd at the Mosta Ground. The game was played at a very fast pace. The numbers on the Pieta players’ shirts were hardly visible because of their gold colour.

San Ġwann created the first action as Adam Falzon served Byron Madu with a square pass outside the area and Pieta keeper Reeves Cini saved his shot, in a reaction by Pieta they mounted two actions. Jake Bone released Kurt Briffa in the area and San Ġwann keeper Jordan Agius saved his shot and he also saved a shot by Victor Degiorgio from the edge of the area after being put through by Briffa.

In an action by San Ġwann Briffa was fouled on the left flank and the ball was cleared with difficulty from the free kick by Andrea’ Zammit. Pieta won a free kick as Degiorgio was fouled on the left flank and Liam Scicluna missed the far post by inches from the free kick and in their next action in the 32nd minute, they came very close to open the score. Bone was fouled outside the area and after the free kick by Scicluna, Agius saved to a corner a shot by Kleaven Pisani, the ball was partly cleared outside the area from Briffa’s flag kick and from the rebound shot by Neil Buttigieg the ball hit the upright and finished out of play.

San Ġwann opened the score in the 38th minute. Zammit floated a high ball in the area from a right flank free-kick and after the ball was partly cleared outside the area Joseph Attard controlled the loose ball and after side-stepping an opponent scored with a hard low drive from the edge of the area.

Pieta created two actions before the break. Emerson Camilleri served Scicluna with a left flank cross outside the area and Agius saved his shot in two attempts and  Briffa was fouled on the right flank and Agius fisted the ball away after the free kick by Gianluca Borg Caruana.

The first actions after the restart were created by San Ġwann. A corner kick by Ismhael Colombo was cleared to another corner. Madu dribbled past an opponent outside the area and drove slightly over the bar and the same player missed the upright from outside the area after dribbling past an opponent.

Pieta won a corner kick on the right flank which was taken by Scicluna and the ball was cleared with difficulty. Two actions were then created by San Ġwann. Madu released Zammit in the area and Cini denied him with a diving save and after a Zammit flag kick a shot from inside the area by Luke Musu the ball was cleared from over the line.

In the third minute of added time Pieta were awarded a penalty when after a cross in the area by Degiorgio a San Ġwann defender handled the ball and as the referee pointed to the spot Pisani made no mistake with a hard low drive.

Pieta: R.Cini, G.Borg Caruana, K.Pisani, K.Briffa, L.Scicluna, J.Bone, E.Camilleri, V.Degiorgio, S.Schembri, Z.Leonardi, S.Mizzi (Capt)

San Ġwann:  J.Agius, A.Xuereb, J.Attard, A.Falzon, B.Madu, L.Musu, J.Grech, C.Grech, O.Spiteri (Capt) I.Colombo, A.Zammit

Player of the match: Neil Buttigieg (Pieta)

Referee: Oliver Said